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Jump the Hole: Developer of iPhone and iPad game interviewed

Two weeks ago Edoardo Spadoni from Italy released his first iOS game “Jump the Hole”. Spadoni is student and just finished the game within nine months of development time. What other facts about development and the game itself he has to tell, he reveals in our interview, also revealing when the Android version of his game will approximately be finished.

31. October 2012 ·  0

Interview with Tommy Forslund from Polarbit

We had the chance to take an interview again with Tommy Forslund. He stated his opinion towards piracy of iPhone Apps and told us what has to happen so the iPad can become a gaming device.

10. April 2010 ·  0

Interviewing Jens Nilsson from Frictional Games: It is not about technology

Frictional Games is a small game developer located in the South of Sweden. We had the chance to ask Jens Nilsson, one of the members, about Macgaming in general and why he thinks it is not much more as a niché yet. Though Frictional Games supported Macs from the beginning with their Penumbra-Series and they had reasons to. Jens speaks freely on them and tells us as well about Frictional (…). Read on!

30. April 2009 ·  0

Interview with Rudolf Kremers and Alex May (Dyson Game): Income and Indie gaming does not exclude each other

Rudolf Kremers and Alex May developed the Indie-game named Dyson Games (later renamed to Eufloria due to copyright issues). That is a realtime strategy game with abstract graphics. A lot of people are interested in indie games nowadays and the fanbase is growing steadily. I got the opportunity to interview Rudolf and Alex and ask them what they think of their game, whether there will be a macintosh port soon (…). Read on!

26. February 2009 ·  0

Interview with Tommy Forslund from Polarbit

Is the iPhone a real handheld device? Polarbit developed and develops games for mobiles and the iPhone/iPod touch. They did some wellknown franchises in the past like Fifa 06 or shortly the cart game “Crash Bandicoot Nitro Cart 3d” for iPhone. Hence we asked Tommy Forslund whether he thinks the iPhone has the potential for suiting harcore gamer’s needs, or is it just another mobile?! Alexander Trust: Polarbit developed the (…). Read on!

8. October 2008 ·  0

Interview with Marshall H. who built the Atari 2600 handheld Multari

Marshall H. is a teenager from Kansas, USA, a real smart one. He is into retrogaming and customizing, hence Marshall’s last project aimed at customizing and converting an old Atari 2600 videogame console into a portable handheld. He took advantage of his father’s woodworks shop tools but of course built the whole thing himself and named it Multari. What Atari says to it and what future plans Marshall has? – (…). Read on!

11. June 2008 ·  0
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