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Jump the Hole Jump the Hole

Two weeks ago Edoardo Spadoni from Italy released his first iOS game “Jump the Hole”. Spadoni is student and just finished the game within nine months of development time. What other facts about development and the game itself he has to tell, he reveals in our interview, also revealing when the Android version of his game will approximately be finished.

Alexander Trust

How long did it take you to program Jump the Hole?

Edoardo Spadoni

The total time between idea, development, approval and publication was 9 months.

Did you have any inspirations in gameplay?

The initial idea was slightly different, but during development I had several ideas that I then implemented.

Did you make use of any tools like for example Unity Engine?

Yes, I just used Unity Engine to develop my game.

What is your experience with Apple when it comes to submitting your App? Were there any obstacles?

Experience with the Apple has been quite normal, the only flaw is that they are a little slow to review the app.

What are your future plans for “Jump the Hole”?

For the next month I’m going to expand the game by adding approximately every 2-3 months, if I can, new boxes with new levels.

Do you have an ETA for the Android-Version?

I’m already developing for Android, I expect to release version in about one month if all goes well.

Have you any other game projects in mind?

For now, I plan to continue the development of ‘Jump the Hole’, but obviously of ideas in the pipeline there are several. 🙂

Thanks a lot to Edoardo Spadoni for this interview.

Jump the Hole is an universal app supporting both iPhone and iPad at once. It was released two weeks ago but already updated once. Right now it is available at a price point of 0.69 pounds. It requires iOS 4.3 or later and supports Game Center.

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