Jungle Crash Land for iPad presented

Jungle Crash Land Jungle Crash Land

Jungle Crash Land awakes memories from earlier gaming-ages. You have to fly with an airplane over the jungle and bomb away as many things as possible, so the airplane can land. But the airplane descends, so you have to hurry and hit the targets properly, before you crash into a tree. Jungle Crash Land combines an older game with neat graphics. You definitely have to try it!

Donut Games’ Jungle Crash Land* is available at the App Store for 0.69 Pounds. It’s an universal app that runs on the iPhone and on the iPad. To download it, you’ll need just about 9 MB of free space. The game comes with support for Apple’s Game Center. You’ll be able to play the game with any device that runs at least iOS 3.0. The game has not been translated into other languages than English but this should obviously make no harm to us, does it?

To demonstrate how the game looks like, we recorded some gameplay footage for you – it’s almost 2:30 minutes of Jungle Crash Land.


* = Affiliate.

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