Jump & Splash for iPad presented

Jump & Splash Jump & Splash

In Jump & Splash you have to bring a small fish through a hilly underwater-world. With a touch on the display at the right time the fish will jump over the hills. By doing that, try to collect as many pints as possible, for example by gathering crabs. Of course time is a matter in this game. Jump & Splash is implemented well, but the levels partially seem to be endless, which takes away some of the enjoyment.

Developed by Greg Blanc and published by AudioGuidia, Jump & Splash* is a typical casual game. In case we got your attention, we recorded well over three minutes of gameplay footage which you can watch in the player below. The game is available as an universal app for iPhone and iPad at the App Store for free. You can buy in-game-money using in-app-purchase, though.

Jump & Splash does not support Game Center. Your iOS device needs at least 15.2 MB of free space and iOS 4.2 or later in order to play it.


* = Affiliate.

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