Fragger for iPhone presented

Fragger Fragger

Be a fragger and “frag” away the bad guys. You’re a soldier, who throws his hand grenades towards the idle enemy. When throwing you have to pay attention to the force and the angle of the shot. In the beginning the games seems to be quite easy, but that will change from level to level. Fragger isn’t exactly addictive, but features nice graphics and for the occasionally appearing boredom it’s more than enough.

Fragger* by Miniclip is available at as low as £0.69. It even includes Game Center support. Additionally, you can buy various gimmicks in order to make your life (in the game, of course) easier.

If you want to play Fragger, you’ll need 44.3 MB free space and at least iOS 4.3 on your iOS device. The language in the game is exclusively English. To get you an idea of how the game wants to be played, we provide you a gameplay video which is a little bit over two minutes in its length.


* = Affiliate.

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