Cut the Birds 2 for iPhone presented

Cut the Birds 2 Cut the Birds 2

In Cut the Birds 2 you find the same birds as in “Angry Birds”. But this time they race towards your display and you have to destroy them before they reach it. You can destroy them by a slide (wipe movement). But pay attention, so you don’t hit any bombs. That kind of games are numerous, the best known of those is “Fruit Ninja”, which actually is more fun.

This game comes from SolverLabs and does not offer Game Center support. Your local App Store wants to charge you £0,69 if you want to play Cut the Birds 2*. In that case, you get some 10.2 MB over your internet connections and can launch the game on any iOS device running iOS 3.1 or later.

To show you the game, we recorded some in-game footage. Have fun with almost two minutes of us playing Cut the Birds 2. Localisation has by the way not been included, English is the only language you will find.


* = Affiliate.

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