Jump the Hole: Developer of iPhone and iPad game interviewed

Two weeks ago Edoardo Spadoni from Italy released his first iOS game “Jump the Hole”. Spadoni is student and just finished the game within nine months of development time. What other facts about development and the game itself he has to tell, he reveals in our interview, also revealing when the Android version of his game will approximately be finished.

31. October 2012 ·  0

SWTOR: BioWare-MMORPG lost territory since February

Electronic Arts and BioWare recently announced the new numbers for their online role play game Star Wars: The Old Republic. The number of subscribers took a deep decline since February 2012, when EA reported numbers the last time. They sank from 1.7 million in February to only 1.3 million to the end of April. EA would not have told the new figures to the public quite recently if it did (…). Read on!

7. May 2012 ·  0

Saints Row: The Third Review: Gangster Action-Adventure for PlayStation 3

Five years ago, Volition and THQ published the then-Xbox 360 exclusive title Saints Row. It was one of many GTA clones, however it felt different and was one of the better ones. Saints Row 2 had a hard life competing against GTA IV in 2008. Now we are testing the third part which has the battlefield for itself as GTA V will arrive next year. Kings Of The Hood Having (…). Read on!

6. May 2012 ·  0

Grand Theft Auto III: Remake for iPhone, iPad and Android released

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of 3D GTA, Rockstar Games released a remake of their award-winning GTA III for iOS and Android today. They optimized the controls to make it playable on touch screen devices. Go get it for just $5! Boy, how time passes. Ten years ago, Rockstar Games entered the third dimension with GTA III for the PlayStation 2. To celebrate the 10th anniversary and the huge success GTA (…). Read on!

15. December 2011 ·  0

Six Guns: Western action-adventure for iPhone and iPad recently published

The Wild West action-adventure Six Guns just hit the App Store. The game is free to play, you can download it without any cost. Six Guns is available as an universal app which is optimized for both iPhone and iPad. Last year, Rockstar Games presented how a good western action-adventure game needs to be designed when they published Red Dead Redemption. Now Gameloft has adopted both the setting and the (…). Read on!

10. December 2011 ·  0

Bubble Shooter for iPhone presented

In Bubble Shooter Free you have to shoot a single, colored ball against a bunch of other colored balls. If at least three balls of the same color align by your shot, they explode. If not, they just stay where they are. The bunch of balls moves slowly towards the lower edge of the display. If it reaches the bottom, the game is over. Bubble Shooter* is a Puzzle Bobble (…). Read on!

4. December 2011 ·  0

4 in a Row for iPad presented

In “4 in a Row” you have to align 4 stones in a row (vertically, horizontally or diagonally). There are 3 categories with 10 songs available. Furthermore, there are 3 degrees of difficulty (easy, medium, hard). You can play against the computer or against a human opponent in 2 player mode. With your internet connection you can wire up with other people (3G, EDGE, Wi-Fi). “4 in a Row” is (…). Read on!

4. December 2011 ·  0

Cut the Birds 2 for iPhone presented

In Cut the Birds 2 you find the same birds as in “Angry Birds”. But this time they race towards your display and you have to destroy them before they reach it. You can destroy them by a slide (wipe movement). But pay attention, so you don’t hit any bombs. That kind of games are numerous, the best known of those is “Fruit Ninja”, which actually is more fun. This (…). Read on!

4. December 2011 ·  0

Fragger for iPhone presented

Be a fragger and “frag” away the bad guys. You’re a soldier, who throws his hand grenades towards the idle enemy. When throwing you have to pay attention to the force and the angle of the shot. In the beginning the games seems to be quite easy, but that will change from level to level. Fragger isn’t exactly addictive, but features nice graphics and for the occasionally appearing boredom it’s (…). Read on!

4. December 2011 ·  0

Jungle Crash Land for iPad presented

Jungle Crash Land awakes memories from earlier gaming-ages. You have to fly with an airplane over the jungle and bomb away as many things as possible, so the airplane can land. But the airplane descends, so you have to hurry and hit the targets properly, before you crash into a tree. Jungle Crash Land combines an older game with neat graphics. You definitely have to try it! Donut Games’ Jungle (…). Read on!

4. December 2011 ·  0
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